Frühlingsbild aus Brienz mit Blühten und im Hintergrund Brienz mit Brienzersee

Sustainable Offers

Our natural and cultural landscape is a unique asset that we also wish our grandchildren to enjoy in full measure. Interlaken Tourism is therefore dedicated to the development of sustainable tourism.

Pure Nature

The Interlaken holiday region holds a wealth of natural and cultural offers. Experiences and providers bearing the «Pure Nature» symbol meet specific criteria and have undergone checks by Interlaken Tourism in all three dimensions of sustainability (social acceptability, ecoology and cost effectiveness). To be awarded the rating of «Pure Nature», an offer must achieve a minimum number of points. Examples of criteria are: strengthening the regional economy; taking into account specific guest requirements; nurture of local culture; concious use of energy and protection of nature and the countryside.

The experiences bearing the «Pure Nature» symbol meet set criteria in the field of sustainability.

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Further measures aimed at sustainable tourism development of Interlaken Tourism:

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