Fondue Experiences

Fondue is the undisputed Swiss national dish and far more versatile than you might think!
The Interlaken holiday region offers fondue experiences to suit all tastes: Gourmet restaurants work their magic on the national dish and create inspired delicacies. Whether after a fun-filled sledging party or a romantic snowshoe trek, whether as a couple or a group under a star-studded sky or in a cosy holiday apartment: A fondue is ideal for any and every occasion.
Cheese fondue is the oldest form of the dish known as fondue. The cheese is mixed with white wine, cornflour as a binder, a shot of Kirsch and various spices. The mixture is melted in a special pan known as a caquelon and small cubes of bread are then dipped into it. The caquelon is set on a small réchaud (burner) at a gentle heat to keep the cheese warm and melted. The basic recipe can be refined to taste with spices, herbs, vegetables and alcohol.

With a meat or fish fondue, bite-sized pieces are cooked in oil (Fondue Bourguignonne) or stock (Fondue Chinoise). Vegetables or small, filled pasta pockets can also be prepared in the pot. These are served with sauces and dips.

Another variation is to cook small pieces of meat in simmering wine. Red or white wine can be used for these varieties, which are known as Fondue Vigneron or Fondue Bacchus.

For a chocolate fondue, small pieces of fruit or cake held on a fork are dipped into melted chocolate. A particularly spectacular form of this sweet fondue is the chocolate fountain, where melted chocolate pours down as a fountain.