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Stately castles and fortifications (still accessible today) bear witness to the eventful times of our ancestors who lived around Lake Thun.
Take a journey through time and discover secret bunkers and camouflaged barns.
Wimmis Castle and Fortress
The striking buildings of the fortress, castle and church at Wimmis gleam in the landscape and highlight the castle's original function as a barrier to the Simme Valley between the Niesen, Burgfluh and Simmenfluh.

Hondrich Fortification - top secret commando post Heinrich
The Hondrich fortification in the upper part of the Hondrich hill near Spiez was dug out in 1941 - 1942. The facility includes a 300m long main gallery, four lookout stands, eleven radio niches and two entrances, each with a small opening for close combat, and also offices and accommodation.

Fortressmuseum Waldbrand – camp for foreign currency and / or gold reserves
The artillery fortification "Waldbrand" (fire preparedness since 1944) is located in the cliff face above the village Merligen. The system is connected by a tunnel to the artillery factory "A 1880 L" (Legi). Each of the two plants had eight gun emplacements. In the complex "Waldbrand", which can be visited, the eight 10.5cm guns are positioned at lever guns.

Artillery Fortification Faulensee - camouflaged barns
This artillery fortification was built in the 2nd World War and was put into operation in 1943. The artillery bunkers were disguised as barns and equipped with four 10.5cm guns. The artillery fortification is of national historical importance.

Infantry Bunker Fischbalmen Beatenbucht - an experience for all ages
The infantry bunker Fischbalmen was built in 1941/42 by civilian companies. It was one of the defence positions of the Swiss Military and remained in the defence strategy until the 1990's.
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