Spiez & environs


Excavations prove that the earliest dwellings in Spiez date from over 1000 years before Christ. Apparently the name "Spiez" has its origins in the gaelic word "Spijates", which means thorns. The landscape is leading into the lake like thorns, this explains also the heraldic emblem of the Spiez flag with its three white points, representing the inlets of Einigen, Spiez and Faulensee) leading into the blue colour of the lake.
The massive castle of Spiez with its long history dominates the magnificent, age-old landscape surrounding the bay which it overlooks. Whether seen from the lake or from the shore, its commanding and picturesque charm are a constant source of delight. This mighty fortress, was the "Golden Court" of the Middle Ages and is a symbol of Bernese federal history. The architectural history of the almost 1000 year old castle reveals the transformation of an inhabited stronghold, the medieval fortress, into a typical residence of a Bernese patriarchal family.
The cultural epochs of the Romanesque basilica with its unique crypt and strange choir frescoes date back to the 10th century and is the work of the early Christian period.

The cellar of the castle reveals another chapter of the history book, that of wine-growing. It is said that the production of wine dates back to the Romans. Although this cannot be proved, it is sure that during the 18th century the inhabitants of this little town were mainly occupied with work in the vineyards. Today the Spiez wine is still very sought after and is very much appreciated.

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