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Autumn pleasures in the Holiday Region Interlaken

The Holiday Region Interlaken is particularly beautiful and enjoyable in autumn. The deep blue sky, the pin-sharp contours of the cloud patterns and nature’s moods are amazingly intense. Experience the golden season with all five senses. Discover the region’s seasonal culinary delights, such as game specialities and the summer’s fresh cheese straight from the mountains. Go on adventurous hikes or take a leisurely stroll along the shores of the lakes or across alpine pastures through rustling, colourful autumn leaves.

  • Pleasurable autumn hikes with panoramic views

  • Idyllic hiking paths for leisurely strolls

  • Experience Switzerland’s autumn traditions and customs

  • Witness the grape harvest for the region’s wine production, right in the middle of the Alps

  • Enjoy local game specialities and vegetarian delicacies

Experience magnificent autumn colours and Swiss tradition

Summer is coming to an end, the days are getting shorter and there’s a refreshing autumn breeze – autumn is approaching in its full glory. The first month of autumn, September, is characterised by centuries-old Swiss traditions. In the Holiday Region Interlaken, festive cattle drives take place in September, when the herds are led down into the valleys from the mountain pastures. The Justistal’s “Alpabzug” (cattle drive) is particularly well known, as it is associated with an almost 300-year-old tradition of “Chästeilet“ (apportioning of the cheese). Since 1739 the cheese has been apportioned among the farmers of the municipality of Sigriswil at Spycherberg in the Justistal in accordance with a defined, traditional ritual. Come and experience for yourself how the alpine dairymen and -women descend into the valley in their traditional Swiss costumes with their colourfully decorated cattle. Other places also have cattle drives, such as the one in the Suldtal. This less well known cattle drive is connected with an «Älpler-Märit» (farmers' market), where you can buy products from the mountains straight from the farmers.

Finest Swiss cheeses and regional specialities

Käse wird am Älpler Markt im Suldtal verkauft

Nearly every town and village in the Holiday Region Interlaken has small shops or outlets selling high-quality regional products: dry sausages, fruit, confectionery, home-made schnapps, beers from local microbreweries, wines and, of course, milk and cheese products. Genuine Swiss cheese bought directly from the farm tastes best when enjoyed at an outdoor picnic in the midst of nature. Alternatively, why not buy a large chunk of delicious mountain cheese as a culinary souvenir to take home with you?

Lake Thun’s wine regions

In addition to its world-famous cheeses, Switzerland is also a producer of first-class wines. In the Holiday Region Interlaken, vineyards are cultivated in the vicinity of Lake Thun in Spiez, Oberhofen, Hilterfingen, Merligen-Stampbach, Thun, Steffisburg, Gunten and Wilderswil. Vines have even been planted on the shores of Lake Brienz in recent years; these will bear fruit in the coming years. The grape varieties that grow in the alpine region at an altitude of 550 to 650 m above sea level are a true pleasure that really cry out to be tasted. You can learn more about alpine viticulture on the educational wine trail in Spiez. The red, orange and yellow leaves on the vines are also particularly beautiful in the autumn. From the middle of the Spiez vineyard you can enjoy the wonderful view over the vineyards to Spiez Bay with the castle, the blue waters of Lake Thun and the white snow-covered mountain peaks behind. Nature only reveals such intense colours and moods in autumn. During the grape harvesting season, the “Läset-Sunntig“ (harvest Sunday) is held in the form of a colourful parade through the village of Spiez.

Autumn well-being in the Bernese Oberland

Der malerische Holzsteg führt durch das malerische Naturschutzgebiet Weissenau entlang des Thunersees

Take a stroll along the shores of Lake Thun with the autumn leaves rustling under your feet; the cooler air will make the mountain ranges appear to be closer. Breathe in the clear, clean autumn air and recharge your batteries before winter arrives. In autumn the region is blessed with a lot of sunny days and deep blue skies. Nonetheless, there are plenty of things to do should the weather be cold or foggy. You could indulge in some pampering in one of the wellness hotels overlooking Lake Thun or take a trip up a mountain on a mountain railway. From the top of the Niederhorn or the Niesen, you can look out over the sea of mist and enjoy the warming rays of sunshine on the restaurant terrace. Before heading off to one of the peaks in foggy weather, it is advisable to take a look at the mountain’s webcam, weather forecast and mountain railway timetable.

Culinary highlights in the heart of Switzerland

In addition to cheese and wine, autumn also offers other culinary specialities such as game. In Switzerland, game is traditionally served with egg noodles, red cabbage, chestnuts and pears with cranberries. Vegetarian guests can also enjoy seasonal delicacies that don’t involve meat. Nature in the Bernese Oberland provides a plentiful bounty of fruits and wild mushrooms in the autumn. The region’s restaurants feature local specialities and you could also take the opportunity to go mushroom picking yourself.

Follow the golden rays of the sun on a hike

Wanderweg mit Herbstgras und Bergpanorama im Hintergrund

Enjoy the peace and quiet of nature as you wander through forests and past meadows. The placid mountain lakes, such as the Lake Hinterburgseeli on the Axalp or the Lake Burgseeli near Ringgenberg are particularly beautiful. On clear, sunny autumn days, the coloured autumn leaves are reflected in the lakes’ waters. Go on a beautiful autumn hike above the tree line. When it’s sunny, you can even hike up to a mountain peak in just a T-shirt to marvel at the magnificent views. When you get back down again, you can enjoy some seasonal specialities in one of the many restaurants in the Holiday Region Interlaken.

Culinary seasonal pleasures

“I always meet old acquaintances and new faces at the "Läset-Sunntig" in Spiez. I watch the colourful parade through Spiez while enjoying a glass of Spiez’s white wine. Children proudly parade through the streets dressed as grapes behind the local brass musicians and in front of a decorated carriage bearing barrels of wine. The “Trychler” (bell ringers) from the neighbouring village of Aeschi, who swing their cow bells back and forth to the beat, ensure that the parade is anything but quiet. As soon as the parade is over, we move on to Spiez Bay, where I take the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal and a glass of the village’s red wine in front of the wine cellar.“

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