Rambler or summiteer?

Hikes in the Holiday Region Interlaken

Satisfy your wanderlust and take in the impressive mountain panorama. Experience unforgettable hiking holidays, breathtaking panorama trails or peak treks in the idyllic natural landscape of the Bernese Oberland. Go on exciting circular tours to unspoiled mountain lakes, cross spectacular ridges, scale peaks or explore unique moorland. The hikers’ paradise of Interlaken awaits. Discover a wide selection of hikes, from the challenging to more leisurely.

  • Extensive network of well-maintained hiking trails of all degrees of difficulty

  • Striking panoramic views of the surrounding mountain peaks, as well as lakes Thun and Brienz

  • Beautiful, rustic mountain cabins and restaurants serving Swiss specialities

  • Exciting themed paths for kids and grown-ups

  • Imposing ridgeways and panorama trails for every level of fitness

Blissful days hiking in the Bernese Oberland

The moss-covered soil forms a soft cushion beneath your hiking boots. The warming sun shines on your face and the soothing scent of the forest brings a smile to your lips. The meadows are still damp with morning dew. Behind every curve in the trail lies a new surprise: jaw-dropping mountain panoramas, crystal-clear mountain lakes, picturesque streams, thundering waterfalls, idyllic picnic spots, luscious, verdant meadows and a breathtaking array of views. Interlaken’s diverse natural landscape is stunning whatever the season. A day hiking in the heart of Switzerland will fill your soul with joy.

Three touring tips for spring

The last of the snow is ready to melt away. Love to re-energise amid nature as it awakens from its winter slumber? After winter, the paths and trails of the mountains are once again ready for the hiking season. Below the tree line, amid the idyllic alpine landscape and deep-green forests, scores of leisurely rambling routes are waiting to be explored. Many attractive lakeside paths take you around lakes Thun and Brienz. Gaze at the stunning mountain panoramas reflected in the shimmering waters as the invigorating lake breeze ruffles your hair. Spring in the Bernese Oberland means exploring secluded nature reserves and moorland. Hike to hidden spots where true natural wonders await.

Pilgrims’ paths, adventure trails and family hikes

In addition to beautiful pilgrims’ paths, the Holiday Region Interlaken is also home to fascinating themed and adventure trails for explorers, families and the curious. Expand your own horizons by experiencing nature against a unique mountain backdrop. Planning a holiday with your family? The kids can explore the countryside in a fun way on paper chases and treasure hunts while you and your companion savour the panoramic views. There is a wide choice of adventure trails and family-friendly rambling routes that leave nothing to be desired.

A summer cool-down in the mountains and by the water

On hot summer days, hiking over impressive peaks and spectacular ridges offers a welcome opportunity to cool down. Explore the mountainous terrain above the tree line on a well-signposted hiking trail. Stunning peaks and luscious, verdant alpine meadows are illuminated with bright rays of sun; the air is clear and the views go on forever. At height, the deep-blue depths of Lake Thun and the turquoise waters of Lake Brienz sparkle with even greater intensity. Whether easy tours for beginners or more demanding routes for ambitious climbers, the Holiday Region Interlaken offers you whatever your heart desires.

Challenging hikes with exhilarating peaks

Hikes along lakes Thun and Brienz

Below the tree line of the Bernese Oberland, invigorating footpaths and walks along Lake Thun and Lake Brienz are waiting to be explored. The incomparable panorama and multifaceted natural scenery will accompany you at every turn. Stunning paths wind through idyllic alpine landscapes, along rivers and streams. Sparkling waterfalls, the foaming spray from white water streams or the refreshing breeze from the lake all offer opportunities to cool down during your tour.

Colourful hikes in autumn

Autumn is hiking season. The dark green forests slowly change colour and take on vivid hues of yellow, orange and red as the autumn foliage crackles underfoot. A refreshing wind makes the colourful autumn leaves dance in the air. In autumn, when the air is especially clear and the contours of the landscape are razor sharp, the views are overwhelming. Choose between panorama trails, circular tours and fascinating ridgeways where you can marvel from afar at the celebrated peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Discover the variety of the Bernese Oberland’s most beautiful autumn trails.

Tips for an enjoyable autumn hike in the Bernese Oberland

Winter hikes through inspiring nature

Snow-covered countryside, frozen streams and glistening snow crystals hanging from ice-encrusted pine branches set the scene. You breathe in the soothing winter air and watch how your breath turns to mist in the cold. Well maintained winter trails, signposted snowshoe trails and romantic paths lead you through an unspoilt natural paradise. Many of the winter trails and paths are also free from snow, which makes walking them a pleasure. Discover the prettiest winter trails of the Bernese Oberland.

Scale the most spectacular peaks in the Holiday Region Interlaken

From easy itineraries for beginners to demanding routes for seasoned climbers, experienced mountain guides based in the region will put together individual programmes on request. Become a summiteer, traverse glaciers or simply savour the peace of the mountains at high altitude.

Equipment and safety when hiking: a checklist

Prepare for your tour carefully before setting off and pay attention to any safety guidelines.

  • Wear sturdy hiking shoes with good grip

  • Use walking poles for more challenging mountain tours

  • Wear clothing suitable for the weather

  • Don't forget a raincoat

  • Make sure to take a picnic with you and sufficient water

  • Protect yourself with sunglasses, hat and sun cream

  • A small first aid kit for injuries and blisters is recommended

  • Take your phone in case of emergencies (and selfies)

  • Pack as little as possible and as much as necessary

What is the perfect view?

Of course, the weather doesn't need to be perfect to ensure a great day’s hiking. A walk on an overcast day can be every bit as enjoyable as a mountain hike under a steely blue sky. Just imagine the uniquely entrancing display of the golden sunrays as they break through the layers of cloud. Whatever the weather, enjoy nature in the Holiday Region Interlaken – in all its colour and diversity. Check the weather before your hike, and look at current webcam images of your destination.

Hotels and accommodation for your hiking holiday. Book now!

The Interlaken holiday region not only promises a wealth of hiking experiences, but also a wide choice of accommodation. Charming hotels, trendy hostels, tastefully furnished holiday apartments and welcoming camp sites are dotted around lakes Brienz and Thun. Find your ideal option, then experience some unforgettable hiking.