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Getting to the Holiday Region Interlaken

Travel comfortably and easily into the heart of Switzerland

Interlaken has exceptional national and international transport links. Every half an hour you have train connections from and to Bern, Zürich, Geneva and Basel. It also has first-class public transport links to Switzerland’s airports and a number of European cities, including Paris, Berlin, Vienna and Milan.

It’s also easy to get here by car. Interlaken is well signposted from the Swiss autobahn network, which has excellent connections to Europe’s key centres. Almost every town in Switzerland is accessible with public transport, whether it is by train, by Postbus, by ship or by ferry and by funicular.

Rapid transit times to Interlaken

  by train by car
Bern 0.53h 0.45h
Lucerne 1.49h 1h
Zurich Airport (direct connection from 11.12.2022 on) 2.10h 1.40h
Geneva Airport 2.56h 2.10h
Basel Airport 2.22h 1.40h
Paris (TGV via Basel – Interlaken) 5.35h 6.15h
Milan (EC via Spiez – Interlaken) 3.40h 3.55h
Frankfurt Airport (direct connection with ICE / EC) 5h 5h
Berlin (ICE via Frankfurt – Interlaken) 9.30h 10.15h
Hamburg (ICE via Basel – Interlaken) 9.05h 9.55h
Vienna (via Innsbruck – Zurich – Interlaken) 10h 9.15h

Getting here by train

The Swiss public transport network is extremely well-connected and is famous for its punctuality, safety and frequency. Trains to Interlaken depart from all of Switzerland’s major towns at least every hour. It also offers excellent connections to the international train network.

Getting here by car

Interlaken is on the Swiss national road network and has excellent links to all major European centres. From further away, Interlaken is well signposted on the autobahns and easy to find.

Getting here by plane

Next in line are the Swiss airports of Bern, Zürich, Geneva and Basel-Mulhouse. After landing, you can take public transport or a hire car to Interlaken. A train link is also available from Frankfurt airport. Excellent train links are also available from Charles de Gaules airport in Paris and Milan-Malpensa.

On the road in Switzerland

Almost every town in Switzerland is accessible by train, Postbus or by ship, ferry as well as by funicular. Discover the beauty of our region and Switzerland.


Bike Shuttle by STI Service AG


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BLS cruises on Lake Brienz


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BLS cruises on Lake Thun


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Winter cruises on Lake Thun


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Brienz Rothorn railway


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Brünig steam railway


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Bus alpin


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Eiger Express

Grund bei Grindelwald

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First Gondola Cable Car


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Grindelwald-Männlichen GGM Gondola Cable Car


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Grand Tour of Switzerland


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Nothing should spoil the enjoyment of travelling. But even though Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world, theft does still occur. We provide some tips to ensure that you travel safely in Switzerland and to prevent anything from happening to your passport, valuables or luggage. If something does get lost or stolen, we show where and how to quickly get the right help at www.safertravel.ch.