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Waterfalls in the Holiday Region Interlaken

Waterfalls are awe-inspiring, colourful, powerful—and romantic. The thunder and shimmer of this unforgettable natural spectacle has been an irresistible fascination for humanity since time memorial. At various locations across the Holiday Region Interlaken, litres of effervescent water thunder into the depths from cliffs hundreds of metres in height. Discover the impressive waterfalls of the Bernese Oberland.

  • A variety of sparkling waterfalls are distributed throughout the Holiday Region Interlaken

  • Idyllic walking and hiking routes around and through this magical landscape

  • Welcoming hotels and restaurants close to these captivating masses of water that tempt you to put up your feet and relax

  • The spectacular cascades nestle amidst an idyllic natural setting: exploring is a must

  • A visit to the waterfalls can be combined with a variety of other excursions, such as a boat trip

  • The well-known Staubbach and Trümmelbach Falls are no more than 30 minutes from Interlaken

Waterfalls in the Bernese Oberland

Water fascinating people, whatever form it takes: whether rivers, mountain streams, lakes or even waterfalls. Waterfalls have a particularly impressive quality. They vividly express the extraordinary power harnessed in every sparkling drop of water. In the Holiday Region Interlaken, there are various spots where you can marvel at the intoxicating spectacle of water amidst idyllic natural scenery. Visit the breathtaking – at times roaring and at others tranquil – falls that cut through this unspoilt countryside. The waterfalls in the Holiday Region Interlaken are easy to get to – 30 to 50 minutes by train or car. You’ll be amazed at just how close you can get to these powerful torrents of water. Combine a trip to these impressive waterfalls with a discovery tour or a leisurely hike through the surrounding countryside.

Giessbach Falls

Der tosende Giessbach aus der Vogelperspektive und weiter unten das märchenhafte Grandhotel Giessbach

Tumbling over 14 steps, the Giessbach Falls thunder from a height of 400 m in mighty white cascades. This imposing mass of water surges past the fairytale Hotel Giessbach to join the turquoise waters of Lake Brienz. Well-kept paths meander along the bed of the brook so that you can marvel at this roaring spectacle of nature on foot, from a variety of angles. Wooden bridges give you a chance experience the thundering waters up close. A photo amidst the refreshing spray and fine mist of water is a must. By night, the captivating waterfall is beautifully framed with coloured lights. To enjoy the sight, why not stay a night at the romantic, historic hotel? The Giessbach Falls are a highlight of the Holiday Region Interlaken at any time of year. In autumn, the natural spectacle is bedded in a landscape of rich colours, while in spring, the waterfall swells to epic proportions thanks to meltwater from the snow.

The Three Waterfalls Trail

On the same bank as the Giessbach Falls are two waterfalls, which are every bit as spectacular. Enjoy the varied hike from Bönigen through Iseltwald to Brienz. The first stage of the walk brings you to the sunlit Erschwanden waterfall. The indescribable beauty of this site has to be seen to be believed. The second stage takes you to the Mülibach waterfall: a magical place above Iseltwald. A well-marked path takes you through forests and across meadows to the impressive Giessbach Falls. This imposing mass of water tumbles in cascades into Lake Brienz. Whether on foot or one of Switzerland’s iconic PostBuses, you finally reach the famous woodcarving village of Brienz.

Milibach Falls

Milibachfall mit Blumen im Vordergrund

The waters of the Mühlebach waterfall gather in a basin below the Brienz Rothorn. From the Oberstaffel alp, they swell to form a mountain stream that gets bigger and bigger until at last, it erupts from a gully in the cliffs and past the Planalpfluh tunnel at a height of almost 100 metres. The more water that makes its way into the stream, the more spectacular these effervescent falls become. In dry weather, the Mühlebach reduces to nothing but a trickle. Experience the thunder of the Mühlebach on a hike from Brienz or the Planalp.


Pochtenfall in the Suldtal

Rising above the deep-blue waters of Lake Thun are the charming villages of Krattigen, Aeschiried and Aeschi. Upon leaving the fairytale village of Aeschiried, you become enveloped in a romantic natural landscape, where magnificent forests, moss-covered tree trunks, babbling mountain streams and rare flowers and plants are waiting to be discovered. The thundering Pochtenfall is a particular highlight, making the Suldtal a paradise for hikers, cyclists and water lovers alike. The water tumbles from a height of 81 metres. The waterfall is especially impressive in spring when most of the snow is melting. Hike around this awe-inspiring natural spectacle on the Pochtenfall circular path.

St. Beatus Caves on Lake Thun

Beleuchteter Wasserfall in den St. Beatus-Höhlen bei Beatenberg

On the opposite bank of Lake Thun you’ll find the St. Beatus Caves, which are home to a very special kind of waterfall. A path takes you from the car park through the forest to the entrance of the caves. Along the way, you’ll cross several bridges over the waterfall as it exits the cave. In the caves themselves, you’ll encounter an enchanted world of water and stone. See stalactite and stalagmite formations, and hear the rushing and dripping of the water.


Waterfalls above Saxeten

A veritable treasure trove of small, romantic waterfalls can be found above the mountain village of Saxeten. An unpaved, gently inclining track cuts through meadows and pockets of wood until finally reaching the Nessleren alp. A short distance away, you’ll hear the rush of the Saxetbach Gorge and at the narrowest point of the Saxettal valley, your ears will pick up the first rumbles of the Wyssbachfall and Saxetbachfall as they tumble from the cliff edge into the gorge. Upon reaching the alp, you’ll enter a high, funnel-shaped valley with multiple cascades that you can enjoy at your leisure.

Lauterbrunnen – the Valley of the 72 Waterfalls

Trümmelbachfälle die sich durch die Felsen schlängeln

Just a 20- to 30-minute drive from Interlaken lies Lauterbrunnen, the Valley of the 72 Waterfalls. The Staubbach and the Trümmelbach Falls are two of the valley’s must-sees. The Staubbach Falls are the symbol of Lauterbrunnen. This spectacular waterfall cascades down a vertical cliff face at a height of 300 metres above the ground. In summer warm winds whirl through the water, scattering droplets in all directions to form a unique fountain of spray: don't forget to take a photo! The Trümmelbach Falls are located just few hundred metres further into the valley, where you will be met by thundering torrents of water. The ten glacier waterfalls are reached by tunnel lift. The Trümmelbach Falls are the largest underground waterfalls in Europe.


Did you know?


spectacular waterfalls in the Holiday Region Interlaken


steps and 400m thunders the water down the imposing Giessbach Falls


m high are the Pochten Falls in the Suldtal valley


m high is the rock face that the Milibach Waterfall shoots over


waterfalls can be admired in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, which can be reached from Interlaken in 30 minutes by train or car