Diemtigtal Nature Park

A valuable cultural landscape and a wide range of experiences

Experience pure nature on ruggedly romantic hikes or while engaging in winter sports

Are you looking forward to relaxation and a diverse cultural landscape on your holidays? Your visit to Diemtigtal Nature Park will be memorable. The imposing natural landscape is ideal for excursions, hikes and winter sports. You will discover cultural treasures, learn all about the regional customs and immerse yourself in the world of alpine farming. The regional Diemtigtal Nature Park – an outstanding landscape of national significance.

  • Combine relaxation and an active holiday

  • Your perfect holiday in the nature park

  • Discover the beauty and secrets of nature

  • Turn your holiday into a nature experience

  • Discover customs and tradition

Ideal holidays in the nature park

Hilly, expansive landscapes, meadows and forests, streams and mountains, and between them typical wooden houses and small scattered settlements and villages that will captivate you. The Diemtigtal Nature Park is an ideal area for active excursions, hiking and days full of winter sports fun. Every season has its charm and will allow you to discover the diversity of the Bernese Oberland in the Alpine foothills. Explore the largest continuous Alpine farming area in Switzerland and learn lots of interesting things about it. The area is made for nature lovers and anyone looking for peace and quiet. Take one of the themed trails with your family. Experience how your awareness of the beauty and secrets of nature is honed as you progress. Are you looking for nature tourism that captivates all your senses? If so, the Diemtigtal Nature Park is the place to make your dreams come true.

Your highlights in Diemtigtal Nature Park

Authentic Alpine farming and summer adventures

Idyllische Bergahornlandschaft im Naturpark Diemtigtal mit Kühe, Waldabschnitt und herrliche Wiese.

The beauty of the landscape will amaze you and motivate you to find out more about the secrets of nature. Discover traditional Alpine culture and taste authentic Alpine products in Diemtigtal Nature Park. If you fancy a snack, stop off at a farm and buy some locally produced cheese and delicious sausage. Your mouth will be watering when you visit the Alpine dairy. Have you always wondered what it must be like to be an Alpine farmer? If so, spend a day helping in the stables, making cheese or milking the cows. You will find out lots about folklore, traditions and customs at the authentic mountain and village festivals and the cattle markets.

Unterwegs durch eine grüne Alplandschaft auf der Talfahrt vom Wiriehorn

You’ll also need a bit of courage, skill and balance. Your summer fun will be rounded off with a high-speed trip on a monster scooter or on one of the three downhill trails on a bike.

Discover and recognise the diversity of nature

Kinder beobachten mit dem Feldstecher verschiedene Alpentiere und die eindrückliche Natur

Learn about nature from a completely different perspective with your children in Diemtigtal Nature Park. Children will learn more about water on the guided research days for school classes and group “Ab in den Bach” (Off into the stream) and “Kraftvolles Wasser” (Powerful water). Visit the “Gwunderwasser” water playground with your children or go on an exciting hike on the Grimmimutz adventure trail​​​​​​​. Discover various activity posts about the history of the forest creature and the wicked pepper witch.

Interessierte Teilnehmer erfahren während der Kräuterwanderung im Diemtigtal viel Spannendes über Kräuter und Natur.

What must it feel like to stand next to a genuine champion bull at a Swiss Alpine Wrestling festival? Would you like to know more about culture and nature in Diemtigtal? Then choose one of the many themed trails and follow its course to find out its secrets. Special excursions to Alpine animals or accompanying a photographer will let you see Diemtigtal from a completely different perspective. You will need to be quiet and patient when watching snails with a snail expert. The name of the game: relaxation.


Winter sports programme for people of all ages

Diemtigtal is the perfect excursion destination for snow fans as it is very easily accessible. The mountain railways and the three winter sports areas “Wiriehorn”, “Grimmialp” and “Springenboden” are particularly family-friendly. Here, children can romp around in the snow to their heart’s content. The little ones enjoy themselves on the snow play areas and gain their first experiences of winter sports. The cross-country track in Diemtigtal takes you through forests, over snow-white meadows and past mountain streams with snow and ice formations. Your sledge ride on the prepared sledge runs may be fast or leisurely, but it will certainly be fun.

The winter trail network with its three trails – enjoy the trails and unwind. Allow the absolute calm to take its effect while you trek through snow-covered woods. When it comes to your skiing tour in the impressive landscape, choose between a short tour, a one-day tour or combine the many possibilities right from the outset with a whole week of tours. Leave your very own tracks in the snow on one of the snowshoe trails​​​​​​​. You’ll look back and promise yourself that you’ll soon return to this ruggedly romantic winter wonderland.

Feel close to nature

Find the perfect accommodation for your holiday in the Diemtigtal Nature Park here. Experience genuine hospitality in a guesthouse or hotel, or stay on the campsite with your family and friends, surrounded by the ruggedly romantic landscape.  Numerous accommodation providers offer holiday apartments with wonderful views of the valley, natural landscapes or the mountains. There are plenty of different types of group accommodation available if you are staying here in a group.

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