Interlaken climbing paradise – from "Via Ferrata" to ice climbing

Experience rock climbing and ice climbing in the heart of stunning landscape

Are you an experienced climber or would you like to give it a try? Holiday Region Interlaken has plenty of climbing opportunities for you to enjoy. Sign up for a climbing course or explore crevasses or frozen waterfalls with an experienced mountain guide. Climb your way across the Bernese Oberland Alps.

Climbing in the beautiful landscape around Interlaken

Holiday Region Interlaken has free-access climbing areas and challenging routes to suit all levels. Put on your climbing shoes, helmet and harness, run your safety checks, apply magnesium to your fingers and you’re off. There are climbing areas with different difficulty levels, and with the right climbing technique, endurance and necessary skills, you’ll soon be scaling the rock face along your chosen path.

Ice climbing challenges

Kletterer klettert mit zwei Eispickel eine Gletscherschlucht hoch

Do you relish a challenge and want to climb up ice walls or frozen waterfalls? Discover the world of glaciers and perpetual ice. Book a tour with an experienced mountaineer who will secure you to a rope and train you in the use of ice axes and crampons. In summer, abseil down crevasses and climb an ice wall while secured from above. In winter, encounter frozen waterfalls, which you can climb up on a guided tour.

“Via Ferrata” in the Bernese Oberland

Gruppe unterwegs entlang einer grauen Felswand auf dem Klettersteig «Via Ferrata»

On a "Via Ferrata" you can climb along rock faces without any previous alpine experience. Book a guided tour and head to a "Via Ferrata" surrounded by stunning mountain landscape. The mountain guide will teach you how to use the climbing equipment safely. Throughout the "Via Ferrata" climb, you'll always be safe as you move via natural stopping points such as ledges, suspension bridges or metal steps fixed into the rock. The Holiday Region Interlaken is a paradise for experienced and novice climbers.

Your highlights at a glance

  • Climbing areas, Via Ferrata and climbing centres are all within easy reach

  • Beautiful backdrops as you climb surrounded by nature

  • Learn how to climb on climbing courses or with a personal climbing instructor

  • Set off on a climbing trip or travel with a mountain guide on a mountain tour

  • All-weather climbing centre in the heart of Interlaken open all year round

To ensure that your trip is perfect in every way, please note

  • Beginners must have a climbing instructor or attend a climbing course

  • Rent your climbing equipment from a sports shop or tour operator

  • Find out about the weather conditions, region and climbing routes in advance

  • Wear weather-appropriate sports clothing

  • Recommended for people who are in good condition and have a good level of fitness

Personal tip

“After I’ve climbed the steep rock face in the shade of the trees, it’s always a great feeling to look from the secure position across the tree tops onto Lake Thun.”

Discover the various climbing offers in the Holiday Region Interlaken:

Alpine School BERGFALKE


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OUTDOOR – Mountaineering School


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Swiss Alpine Guides

Matten bei Interlaken

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Sporthalle Wiriehorn climbing wall


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Grindelwald Indoor Rope Park


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Ropes Park Interlaken


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