Skydiving in the Bernese Oberland

Jump out of a helicopter or plane – pure adrenaline!

Fly high in a plane or helicopter and then jump into a lifetime’s adventure. On your free fall in the Bernese Oberland, you will have a bird’s eye view of the mountains and lakes. An unforgettable skydiving experience against an impressive backdrop with a guaranteed adrenaline kick is waiting to be enjoyed.

Jump from a plane

You decide whether you want to be picked up in Interlaken or get yourself to Reichenbach airfield. From Reichenbach, you will take a small plane for around 20 minutes until you reach a flying height of 4000 m above sea level. Enjoy the views of the lakes and mountains before experiencing the ultimate adrenaline kick by jumping out of the plane. Your free fall over the lakes and mountains lasts approx. 45 seconds, and in that time you will enjoy life to the full. Your tandem master will activate the parachute in good time to ensure you enjoy a soft landing at Reichenbach airfield. The perfect souvenir: buy your own personal film of your jump and share the adventure with friends and family at home.

Jump from a helicopter

With the more manoeuvrable helicopter, it is possible to fly to places that cannot be reached by plane. A skydiving jump from anywhere up to 5300 m above sea level just in front of the north face of the Eiger is an impressive experience. Would you like to see Interlaken, Lakes Brienz and Thun as well as the surrounding mountains from above? Fly from Gsteigwiler heliport in just a few minutes to almost 4000 m above Interlaken. Jump out of the helicopter with your tandem master and enjoy the Holiday Region Interlaken from above in your free fall of around 40 seconds. At the end of your flight, you will experience a gentle landing with your parachute in Wilderswil or Grindelwald. Along with your flight, you can also book various film and photo packages as a memory of your adventurous jump from the helicopter.

Good to know

Skydiving Pilot mit Gast im freien Fall über dem türkisen Brienzersee

If you decide to attempt an adventurous flight of this kind, you must be in a good state of health. You should not weigh more than 105 kg and in some cases we advise a maximum weight of 95 kg. Young people from the age of 12 can book a skydive as long as their parents are in agreement. To ensure you can enjoy your flight to the full, allow half a day for your adventure in the sky.

Skydiving in winter

Tandempilot mit Gast über den Seen und Bergen rund um Interlaken

Whether in summer or winter, skydiving is an adventure that will give you the ultimate adrenaline kick. In winter, you fly over a snowy, white landscape. Thanks to a skydiving suit, which you are loaned by the organisers, as well as your own gloves, sneakers and a windbreaker jacket, the flight in winter is a particularly wonderful experience. The clear winter air makes the mountain world shine all the more and is bound to bring a cool smile of happiness to your face.

Your highlights at a glance

  • Unique panorama with mountains, glaciers and lakes

  • Bookable throughout the year

  • Helicopter skydiving in front of the north face of the Eiger or over Interlaken

  • Skydiving jump from a plane from Reichenbach

  • Buy a video of your skydiving experience as a souvenir

To ensure that your trip is perfect in every way, please note

  • Transport from Interlaken or meet up at Reichenbach airfield or helicopter starting point Gsteigwiler

  • Minimum age for a skydive is 16 with your parents’ signature

  • Allow about three hours for your skydiving experience

  • Wear functional clothing, in winter we also recommend gloves, sneakers and a windbreaker jacket

  • Good health is mandatory and assumed; weight not more than 105 kg

Personal tip

"Jumping over the Bernese Oberland was breathtaking. I was very nervous and excited before the jump and had butterflies in my stomach as the door opened. Then everything seemed to go very quickly indeed and I have fond memories of a once-in-a-lifetime experience against a spectacular backdrop."

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Matten bei Interlaken

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